Speck of dust! – What I learned from reaching the mountain top!


Have we ever asked ourselves what things we learned or even make
reflection on what have we accomplished in climbing mountains? If the
answer to this question is you’ve learned to conquer peaks then you must
be missing the point.

For me, if there is something, one is “We are a speck of dust”. The
mountain is big and we are just a lost tiny speck. I for one don’t
consider myself as great, but I am always reminded of this- “I’m just a
little speck of dust.”

Not all are uphill, sometimes you need to go downhill because it’s the
path leading to many hills to the summit. In life, not everything will
be uphill, in order to reach the summit of our lives, we have to endure
the downhills. And not all trails are wide, some are hidden, some are
covered by forest and some are rocky, some are slippery, – this is
life, it gives us variety of hardships.

If you would argue that a mountain is there to climb, then I totally
disagree. A mountain is just there. The mountain does not need us to
climb it. It’s just there. So it commands a huge respect coming from us.
It’s sizeable, the mountain is there even before we are born.

Another lesson to learn is that sometimes, it’s not always about getting
to the top, yes- it’s important that we get to the top but sometimes we
have to turn back, if the time is not now, then well maybe next time.
Keeping in mind that climbing the top is just half of it, climbing down
is a must- and in one piece too.

And.. if there is something really really important to learn- then that
would be the fact that we have only one life to live. Use it well,
endure challenges but cling to life, your friends are waiting to hear
your story, you musn’t let them down. Yes take risks, but prepare for the worse.

Go humbly, ask God for strength, to be able to conquer our limits and at
the same time looking down on the ground- the same earth where I came


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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