Mountaineering Friendship – A dual personality characteristic?


Nasugbu Trilogy DH – 14Aug11

This is my personal reflection of how relationships between
mountaineers, hikers or climbers for that matter manifest their
friendship, their behavior, and how it changes, depending on the
different circumstances or locations.

When you climb a mountain, you meet a lot of different people, of course
different people have different personalities, but always you’ll see
them greet each other… “‘Musta po, Sir / Mam!”, “Ingat po kayo Sir /
Mam!”, “Goodmorning po, Sir/Mam!”. Wow! Always with the “po”, the “opo”,
and honorifics! This will make the office environment turn to pale in
comparison to how honorifics are used in the mountains, when you meet
people. It’s like you knew them all along. When people are on the
mountain, they are so much approachable, you share stories with them
while taking breaks, you get to know their group, how they started with
climbing, their first mountains, and later on once you get down and face
your computer, these people instantly become Facebook friends. Of
course the friendship becomes even deeper if you put in alcoholic
beverages share them altogether and make fun, noise, and exhilaration.

I’d say for certain that these outward behavior are indeed genuine.
Genuinely give and genuinely accepted. I don’t know why?

With a twist of natural change, I don’t know what causes it. Once you
get to talk with climbers, mountaineers, hikers in Facebook, suddenly
these people who are best friends on the mountain tops seem to become
mortal enemies. Just by reading their posts, you can tell. So many
haters, so many bad comments, so much blatant expletives. But wait, hey!
These we’re friends! Many thanks that Facebook use naturally separates
these people physically, because if they’re too close, for sure somebody
either or both will get hurt. And the hatred here? It could be genuine.
Words can really do much damage if not going to be careful on how you
say them. Put it on CAPS lock then the emotions get amplified.
Mountaineers don’t make use of smileys much. What happened to the
Socials in the mountain top? What for?

Then these same people will next time meet in person in the mountain.
And guess what? These people have suddenly acquired amnesia about their
Facebook conversations. And yet this forget attitude results to the same
happy situation in the mountain, where they support each other, share
resources, take part on the same Socials and alcoholic beverages. And
yet still – this is genuine friendship. Can you relate?

It’s really ironic, I’d really say for climbers, hikers, and those who
have this activity of climbing the mountains. For me I’d say, that they
make the best of friends you can get. The best of “kumpares” and “kumares”
you can have as family. The best of buddies that you can really rely on.
That’s why the Godfather and Godmother of my baby are mostly
mountaineers. I enjoy their company, I enjoy their genuine trust. Their
friends for keeps.

And oh! Didn’t I mention? They make good wives as well.


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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