“Feedback is th…

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

Reaction: A lot of people nowadays find it offensive to hear feedback and continuously block them, bar them or react negatively to it.

If you know the Johari Window, the second window is the ‘Blind spot’, the area which is known to others and unknown to ourselves, so this feedback solves this window for us.  Before disagreeing, we should hear it first because as we know, we have a pair of ears and just one mouth – to prioritize listening before saying anything.


There is always a reason a feedback is given, it is like a gift.

Companies treat complaints as gift you know, how can they know which product or services to improve without these valuable complaints.

Why not, instead of shooting the messenger, listen first. There are instances that some people would want to destroy your character, but if you have the integrity, you should not budge, instead, understand his/her point of view.

What do you think?


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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