Climb no. 1 [26Jun2010] Mt. Palaypalay [Pico de Loro] Dayhike

Pico de Loro is my first official climb, a day-hike organized by Trailadventours.

I started climbing because I remember that somehow I got fed-up with my regular routines, work-home-work-home. I felt that there’s something that I’m missing, something which I have done before which I felt that I liked it a lot and it was a thrilling experience but haven’t been doing it.

I recalled that during my high-school (O when was that? 🙂 ) I already had a few climbs, hiked the trail of Tagaytay going to Talisay: Ambon-ambon falls (- I think the trail is coming from the Good Shepherds convent), one is Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, then I have also hiked at Imelda Falls, in Majayjay where I experienced my first camping. Nevertheless, I don’t consider them official hikes since those are like so much far from a series.


Eduard brought a full pack for a day hike

Yes, my 1st hike is an excited one. I got no day-pack so I think it’s a bit of over preparation that I bought a full-pack (but it’s not really full, only a 3rd of it is filled). There is a lunch-box inside, and 3 pieces of apples.

I searched Facebook for climbers, hiking group, and joined an event by Trailadventours. Coby Sarreal their lead for this event. The group met at Mc Donald’s somewhere in the Ortigas area, I arrived there around 4AM, and it took around 2 hrs to reach the DENR near the Jump-off of Pico de Loro. Waited a few minutes before starting climb proper since it was still dark, the climb began with a Prayer, asking for safety and strength.


Climb proper

During the climb proper, I appreciate that aside from Coby, there were other climbers who have assisted the climbers, during the ascend, while Coby was taking the lead, another (I forgot his name) was taking the role as the sweeper. I honestly think this is a good climb because they are practically keeping the pack safe from getting astray or lost.


Pic at the campsite

The feeling of reaching the summit was so great. For how long have I been in the city and not see a view such as that from a summit.


The famous monolith at Pico de Loro

Upon reaching the summit, I just stayed there, said a little prayer praising the Creator, while the others, they went to climb the monolith. Only after going down did I realized that the way on top of the monolith is at the back and there’s a rope to assist on going up. Sadly, until now, I haven’t been able to climb it. I’m quite impatient, on the other opportunities that I had, there was a long queue and if I stopped moving for a long time, my body really gets too much of cool-down.


Group Pic

I met a lot of friends here, friends whom I will join with on my next climbs. The people with me that I can remember here are Jay Agoo, Enrique Bendicho, Bianca Silva, Genel Zuniga and his wife, Miho Hazama, Jary Valenciano, Daniel Cruz, Inard Kim, and sorry for those whom I forgotten.


Group Pic

On this climb, it was the first time I heard of the terms take-5, start trek, descent. I like the way that the lead and the sweeper changed roles during the descent and it gave the participants the impression that this climb is well organized. Actually, a lot of climbers trust this group Trailadventours. Actually, I joined them again on another climb event.


Resting during descent

On the way down, Coby was kind enough to share his liter of water, because I was bad at water discipline. During this climb, I failed to get enough info (because there is water source at camp 1), failed to bring enough water, and I’m just wearing sandals, Coby actually told me I should wear climbing shoes next time.


Solo pic at the scenic magnetic road

I got knee pains during the final part of the descent, so much for a dayhike. Pain was nothing, I’m high on climbing afterwards, the experience was so immense that I pledged myself, this would be the first of so many.


one more picture

During this climb, I never felt alone. It seems that God was with us and he’s been watching over us. With thanksgiving to God this climb concluded with everybody safe.


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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