Climb no. 40 [16 Feb 2013] Mt. Batulao Solo Dayhike


Jump-off Caleruega

First climb for 2013.
So excited again after a sabbatical from climbs (15 months) since in 2011 when my wife Sha conceived then gave birth to our baby Boy Wyatt Maktrav, it still took a while before I could do a thing like this.
This climb is an opportunity climb since my family: me, my wife and baby are staying in Caleruega overnight. This is to celebrate our Valentines and a peaceful way and close to nature.
Anyway, I started trek around 10:15am for this climb and aimed to finished it as fast as I can.


View of Mt. Batulao from Caleruega


View of Mt. Talamitam from Caleruega


Mt. Pico de Loro can be seen at far right

Starting at Caleruega it offered me a good view of the Batulao, Talamitam and Pico de Loro from afar. I can remember the winds were blowing from my left to right going towards Batulao mountain. So even if I started at a very hot time of the day, the winds were taking care of my sweat.


New trail of Mt. Batulao

This would make it the 5th time I climbed Mt. Batulao, and this time I have never been so confident that I won’t get lost.


New trail of Mt. Batulao

I can clearly feel being abandoned in a way that no hiker would start hiking at the time I started, and so I don’t get meet many hikers along the way. Only when I reached the kubo, that I started to see hikers resting, and as usual, we can’t forget the honorifics, “Musta sir/mam”, “Ingat Sir/Mam”.


Solo pic

I was able to take few photos of myself, only the face part and the small background around it. But as you can see, Mt. Batulao still offers the astounding landscapes.

I have done all my hard preparations before just to climb Batulao! Because everybody should agree, Batulao is the hardest! (If you get my drift.)


Gorgeous grassy trail

While getting near the summit, I meet more and more hikers along the way. But with the kind of sunshine at this time, it makes it more difficult without some refreshments. So I helped myself with one “buko” (coconut), on the last “kubo” (hut) (Did it rhyme?) before I proceed to the summit.


saw tooth peaks

You know, there is a small part of what seems like a knife edge, that makes me feel so uneasy, even when there’s no wind, I tread that part like I’m sitting and making sure I do get proper footing.


View from the summit

Then I reached the summit. Mt. Batulao offers a spectacular 360 degree view of it’s surroundings. Standing at 811 MASL, you’ll be able to see the Tagaytay ridge, Taal Lake, Nasugbu, Maragondon, and at the direction of Taal Lake, the Mt. Maculot in Cuenca.


Solo pic at the summit

I did not stay long in the summit, I need to get back soon.


People enjoying at the summit


Mountain dew model

After downing one “batol” of Mountain Dew- which is the Mountain on top of Mt. Batulao ( Hehe, Corny!) I quickly went down to Old trail.


Met Sir Sky and Sir Daryl

But what a surprise, I came to meet the famous Mr. Sky with Daryl. Said “Hi!”


Rock wall going to Old trail

The rock wall from summit to Old trail is no easy task. Sometimes when I use the rope I tend to get more uneasy than holding on to the rocks.

While going down and upon reaching a lone tree, it there where I had my lunch. My lunch is Chicken McDo with Rice. It is about 1:00pm if I’m not mistaken.

I still had another “buko” at the “kubo” where the two trails converge.

By around 02:30pm I was back at Caleruega. My feet where hurting because of the long concrete roads under a blazing sun.


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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  1. Sha says:

    Hehehhe! Kakainggit..

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