Climb no. 18 [26-27 February 2011] Mt. Banahaw

Mt. Banahaw, is a sacred mountain.

Our climb was Mt. Banahaw Clean-up climb. It was an activity prepared by Al Del Barrio of Voyagers Adventure Club (VAC). The itinerary is to start from Kinabuhayan, Dolores, then go through the “Tatlong tangke” trail to “Dungaw 1″ then back down via the “Cristalino” trail back to Kinabuhayan, Dolores.


In the Jeepney

Meet up was at KFC in Buendia at 8PM, then commute by bus going to San Pablo, then by a jeep going to Dolores.  We did not climb right away, but first stayed somewhere to take a nap.


Offering prayers and respects

In the morning prior to start trek, we visited this place to light up candles and offer our prayers. Actually, this stream is a shrine, which is why you can light up candles here. The water is potable and it is clearly a true mineral water.


The mark on the rock is said to be the footprint of Jesus

At the area near the stream, there is this big rock, it is said that Jesus marked his footprint here. Which is why this place is also considered a shrine.


Group pic

Roll call: In the group we have from L-R: Phil Handang, Julius Estrada, John Otico, Ken Ybarola, Miho Hazama, Agnes Robel, Myself, Eugene Rosete , Emj Babaran, Pia Bautista. Where’s Al? Al wasn’t able to join this climb.


On the trail

The trail going to “Tatlong tangke” is through farms, then there is this consistent upward trail going there.  There is not much attraction on the trail but you can appreciate a really good view of Mt. Cristobal.


View of Mt. Cristobal

Upon reaching “Tatlong Tangke”  actually this is considered as a shrine too. We took some rest here to recover our energy due to the challenging trail, and we need energy to manage the more challenging trail ahead of us.


Resting at Tatlong Tangke

The “Tatlong Tangke” is a water source, there are pipes coming from here going downwards.  There is also ample space near here for camping, maybe up to 4 tents max.


Misty trail

The altitude seems high now as the trails are becoming misty, the forest is now mossy here.


Cross indicative of Kapatagan, leading to Dungaw 1

It is not really that “patag” (flat) here. But it’s flat enough.  The cross here would mean that this place too also is considered as a shrine.

We had some rest here, a very long one, I guess.  Some took their power naps.

Soon we reached the summit “Dungaw 1″ (1st peak). This place is also considered a shrine.  The metal piece is the only surviving part of a cross that once stood here.


Summit Marker at Dungaw 1

“Do not stay too close to the edge!” our guide would remind us. He told of an unbelievable story, that some people who went up here and who are full of themselves are not left unpunished.  Some say the “spirits”  would make their load very heave and unbearable even if it’s light.  And some would say the “spirits” would reward you if you are kindhearted and humble, making your loads lighter as they help you with it.  There is also a story that a couple, who have no respect for this place made love to each other, and by a force of wind, drove them to the edge and caused their deaths.  There was also this story that a young man who also failed to give respect for the place and challenged the spirits because he do not believe such things, when he reached this very summit, it suddenly became “flooded” to his ankle.  With such experience he fell to his knees and asked for forgiveness, and suddenly the flood subsided.

Some folklore also links Mt. Banahaw to Mt. Makiling and Mt. Arayat, being the eldest of the three “Diwata” (Fairy) sisters.  They are called Mariang Banahaw, Mariang Makiling & Mariang Sinukuan.


View from Dungaw 1

It will be dark soon, so I chose a place to pitch my tent.  Interestingly, the camping sites here are isolated and it is less likely that two tents will stay in one place.  What do you think? Maybe it’s the terrain.


Me and my tent at Dungaw 1 campsite

The night was so cold.  The winds are strong.  I had a hard time getting sleep because I’m always thinking of the unseen things. No, maybe it’s that flapping fly sheet that kept me awake.


Solo pic, next morning

The morning was filled with silence, and peace. There’s a lot of interesting places later.

Tune in for part 2.


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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