Liar Game


Liar Game

Liar Game is one of the films I really like. It’s Japanese, so I watched the one with the Eng subtitles.  It is based on the manga with the same title.  It was my brother who introduced this to me and I also introduced this to my wife and she loved it too.

In Liar Game 1, the movie revolves about two protagonists: One is impeccably honest to goodness woman ‘Nao Kanzaki’ played by the girl in the picture; and as a twist her partner is a ‘con man’ expert swindler ‘Shin’ichi Akiyama’.

Warning: Spoilers.

The story starts with Nao Kanzaki being trapped in a LGT – Liar Game Tournament. She was entrusted with 100,000,000 Yen to be used in the game.  She and her rival were entrusted the same amount.  If she successfully fooled her rival, she wins her rivals part 100,000,000 Yen and she returns 100,000,000 Yen entrusted to her and sadly, her rival becomes indebted for the same amount. Before she gets to know her rival,  she tried to return the money and report it to the police but she was fooled that the police can’t do anything about it, that’s because there was no crime done. (Apparently the police is under influence of LGT). Nao, upon knowing from LGT that her rival would be her former teacher became happy because she knew in her heart that she can trust her teacher.  She talked to her teacher and the teacher suggested to deposit it in a bank and he will do it for her so both of them need not to worry. Only to find out later on that the current game stats that she’s indebted to LGT by 100,000,000.00 Yen. A thing she gravely feared, and when she returned to him, she discovers that her teacher is seriously into the game.  What could she do?  She cried and cried.  She learned from the police that a certain person could help her.  Just in time, he’s coming out of prison, ‘Akiyama’.

It was not easy convincing Akiyama to help her. She agreed that she should wait for him to come back which she trusted and never moved away form the place, until night and the next morning.  He was moved by her effort.

Nao, with Akiyama’s help, was able to beat the teacher, through using pressure tactics, wits, of course without force. They we’re able to make the teacher believe he was winning till the last minute which was their opportunity.  They were able to make him believe that the collection of money was earlier than the actual time of collection by the LGT staff. This made the teacher indebted by 100 mil Yen and was miserable.

Akiyama, took his agreed share of the winnings, but Nao returned her 50 Mil Yen to the teacher.  Akiyama, moved by her efforts did the same, because his promise is that he’ll only earn if she earns too.

This is round 1, but the next rounds prove tougher to win, more people losing and only a few winning.

Episode 1 Season 1:


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  1. Sha says:

    Hahahah! Kakamiss yan.. at nakakabitin rin.. Ganda ng story.. 😀

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