Climb no. 22 [17-19 March 2011] Mt. Sicapoo – Mt. Timarid – Mt. Simagaysay – et al.

Another Climb of the Abnormals (Panagpasyar Idiay Ilocos) – By Melo Sanchez “Pasimuno”

Melo Sanchez
Eduardo Bedural
Dennis Hisanan
JayZ Jorge
Koi Grey
Cris Mantes
Ronnie Laureta
Marvin Evasco
Ronald Binagatan
Kharmey Hidalgo
Marie Franz Monastrial

DAY 0 Travel to Laoag
1700 Meet up
1830 ETD to Vigan City via dominion bus

0245 ETA Vigan City
0300 ETD to Laoag City via Partas bus
0430 ETA Laoag City
0500 Assembly Jollibee Bacarra Road ; Breakfast; buy packed lunch
0600 ETD Solsona Poblacion
0700 ETA Solsona Poblacion, Register @ PNP station, Proceed to jumpoff (Brgy. Manalpac)
0730 Start Trek ( Gasgas River Entry, we counted 14 river crossing, some are above waist)
1100 ETA Parpar Creek Camp; Lunch
1200 ETD for Saulay Junction
1600 ETA Balbalitok Peak
1800 ETA Mt. Saulay Junction, emergency snack
1900 Start descent from saulay and ascent bubuos
2100 ETA Mt. Bubuos Base Camp; Dinner, Pitch tent

Toughest climb in the Northern Philippines: The legendary Sicapoo climb of the Ilocos Region. Proud of being in Melo Sanchez’ team. This team gained recognition as the 2nd team to have completed the Sicapoo climb within 3 days. The regular itinerary was 4 days. So our 4th day became a fun time at Vigan.

Our day one was full of river crossings, it almost took the whole day crossing rivers. Which is why it is best to climb Sicapoo during January and February when its the driest of all seasons in Philippines. Evenso, we’re welcomed with waist deep river crossing.

Day 2
0500 Wake up/ Breakfast
0730 Start descent from bubuos and ascent balbalite
0930 ETA Mt. Balbalite Summit, took picture
0945 Proceed to Mt.Pakpako, descent from Balbalite and ascent to pakpako
1135 ETA Mt.Pakpako Camp Site
1300 Lunch Along the trail
1600 ETA Sicapoo Summit; Pictures
1630 Start descent
2000 ETA Mt.Pakpako Camsite
2100 ETA Mt.Balbalite
2245 ETA Mt.Bubuos Base camp
2100 Prepare for late dinner

Day two was the D-Day as it was the day to greet the might penguin. It’s tough trail going up and down Balbalite, Pakpako, Matalidong before Sicapoo proper. It was a rewarding experience to be granted with such a good weather in passage to climbing Sicapoo. In most climbs the 2nd day weather decides whether you’ll press on with Sicapoo or head back right away. Bad weather conditions would jeopardize food supplies allotted for the given itinerary. So we’re lucky. It’s also surprising to note that even if this is the Ilocos Region, the climate here is especially cold and windy.

Day 3
0500 Wake up/ Breakfast, prepare for breakfast, packed lunch
0900 Start trek to Mt. Timarid traverse Mt.Simagaysay
1030 ETA Mt.Saulay Junction
1100 ETA Mt. Saulay Summit
1115 Descent to Nagdata Camp Site
1215 ETA Nagdata Camp site, Lunch
1300 Start ascent Mt. Timarid
1530 ETA Mt. Timarid, emergency snack
1600 Descent/ascent Mt.Simagaysay
1720 ETA Mt. Simmagaysay
2015 ETD for 1 Degree Plateau/
2130 ETA Solsona Dam
2200 ETA Tatay Emilio hauz

Other Info:
Day1 14 hrs trek
Day2 15hrs 15 mins trek
Day3 13hrs 30 mins trek

9 peaks/3 days
Mt. Saulay 1286masl
Mt. Bubuos 1410masl
Mt. Balbalite 1585masl
Mt. Pakpako 1620masl
Mt. Matalidong (no data)
Mt. Sicapoo 2354masl
Mt. Nagdata (no data)
Mt. Timarid 1527masl
Mt. Simagaysay 1341masl

Day 3 was the start of our Tantrums climb as we face going back to Saulay, Nagdata, a knife ridge, then face the tough assault to Timarid and ridge trails Simagaysay and rolling (extended batulao) hills going to one degree plateau.

Day 4


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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