Climb no. 42 [01 May 2013] Mt. Makiling: Search for Mulawin River Falls

This would be first to go out of the normal climb routine. Instead of aiming for the summit, we’re aiming to find the Mulawin River Falls. At first I have no idea that Mt. Makiling had this falls.

But before the falls, we decided to take a look at the Mt. Makiling Mudspring first, because, how many times I’ve been here in Mt. Makiling but I would always skip the Mudspring. It was quite an astounding view- this Mudspring. It is being considered as a volcanic crater for Mt. Makiling and it’s the living proof that Mt. Makiling is still being considered a potentially active volcano.

After this Mudspring sidetrip, we went back to business. The initial trail going to the secret falls was wide but I was surprised that it was there all along. I have been there many times, passing by the opening of this trail but do not notice it even once. It’s just that you must be in the right position facing the right direction, in order to see it.

On this mission, there are three of us. Myself, my wife Sha Delos Reyes, and our trusted bush-whacker ninja-friend Joey Vergara armed with his knife (“Itak”). We started with a wide trail the became thinner and thinner until it’s blocked with noxious plants like the “teka-teka” and “lipa” plants. My leg was not spared with early exposure to lipa leaf which made my leg itch even after a day.

It was not easy finding the right path, so it would be honest to say that we got off from the right path quite a number of times. Fortunately, we met two locals who are hunters who were looking for bee hives, they confirmed and gave us directions to the secret falls.

Mt. Makiling is located in the province of Laguna in the island of Luzon in Philippines.

Upon reaching the falls, we we’re filled with joy and would feel the cold breeze right away, hear the flowing water and it’s evident that this river system could really get nasty given a bad weather and heavy rainfall elsewhere on other higher parts of Mt. Makiling. I’d recommend for others to consider the weather when trying to find this falls.

So I took the chance and enjoyed dipping my body in the water for some time, this was the first dip I get for the summer time. We took lunch here and resumed to explore the other side of going back. It was a vote of 2 vs 1, my wife suggested we take our way backtracking, but I opted the adventurous choice same with Joey. First we tried the river going to no avail, the gaps are just wide and the stones bigger and bigger. We went back and find the steep trail that was recommended to us by the “manggugubat“, because we’re offered two ways of going back.

We’re lucky to have found the steep trail but it was not easy. It’s clear that the trail is only use by hunters, it’s dense. There were lots of challenges, bees, fire ants, noxious plants, lots of gully trails, so if it was really a trail, and should we decide to backtrack those gully trails would be really tough. Fortunately, we heard people on the other side so they must be from the side of the Flat Rocks. We’re lucky enough to have found exit on established trails of the Botanical Garden.


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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  1. Message to Joey Vergara: I posted this in celebration of your finding from Mt. Malipunyo.

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