Chuck Norris was in Mt. Maculot

Chuck Norris

There was this time when my wife was telling me stories about Mt. Maculot (this was after the Vic Ayson accident), and suddenly she mentioned about Chuck Norris being in Mt. Maculot, because he shot one of his film’s scene on location in Mt. Maculot. Upon hearing this, unintentionally it made me teary eyed and could not stop laughing about as I could not believe and control myself with so much joy of knowing. I even joked, if he was able to search and kill all the criminals or if ever they were in hiding because he is Chuck Norris, they are sure to be found and rounded-up.

There is a more interesting metaphor however, by others,

A blog by Mykmyk

…that the “Rockies” were not really there in the first place. But when Chuck Norris visited the Philippines, he moved it there where a good view of Taal Volcano can be much appreciated.

So I search which movie was this about. I found out that it was filmed in 1989. The movie title was Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection. Here is the trailer…

If you watch at 0:11 (of vid), interestingly, that place is now the People’s Park in the Sky, used to be Palace in the Sky- the fabled Mt. Sungay. Other infos too, sadly, on May 16, 1989: Five people where killed in the Philippines when a helicopter crashes during filming of the same Chuck Norris film.

I think the fight scene was done in Mt. Maculot at 1:12 (refer to vid), and that hovering chopper was the one which was felled by the accident.

Writing this makes me nervous.

Here is a joke about Chuck Norris:

There ain’t no Chuck Norris jokes but Chuck Norris facts,
if you ever joke about him you will explode in 1.05 second.
you never joke about the man.
person A, ” Hey do you know about that Chuck Norris joke with the rainbow monkeys and roundhouse kick? ”
person A, ” Huh?” *EXPLODES.*

person B, ” That’s why you should never mention Chuck Norris jokes.BOOM!


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