Manabu Peak Climb with Maktrav and Friends (Climb no. 46)

I’d like to share our climb which was last July 13-14, 2013. My family including our Maktrav climbed Manabu Pk of Malarayat Mountain Ranges in Batangas (Southern Luzon).  We climbed together with our city-neighbour friends Ysmael Domingo and Rayo Ocampo. In fact this video is courtesy of Mr Ysmael Domingo our photographer friend.

This was Wyatt Maktrav’s birthday month climb since he turns 1 year old on July 31st; his 3rd climb too, after Pico de Loro of Mt Palay-palay and Mt. Daguldol.

We are lucky to have our friends around because when we were nearing the camping grounds, the rain was pouring down lightly so our friends- Rayo and Ysmael managed to go ahead of us in order to pitch the tents early which are necessary to shelter Maktrav because we can make a good guess that the rain will pour down harder when we reach the camping grounds.

The light rains “ambon” started to make our path more slippery and Maktrav doesn’t want his head covered by cloth so its making him quite fussy.

Manabu Peak is special for me. I have climbed it several times in different ways: 1st was night trek, the first climb I had with Sha, 2nd was Maculot traverse+Manabu Peak traverse, 3rd was trilogy of Malarayat Range- Malipunyo-Biak-na-bundok-Manabu Peaks traverse. So this time was actually my 4th climb in Manabu Peak, what makes it special is that this time Maktrav is with us.


About Eduardo Bedural Jr.

Ed -an awesome husband to Sha and father to one bouncing toddler. Simple, conservative, very few words, straightforward but prudent, helpful, a bit dreamy, and loves nature especially the mountains. Believes that everything should be done according to the will of God the creator.
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